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Digi-Flex Hand and Finger Exercize System
[Digi-Flex Hand and Finger Exercize System]
Digi-Flex Hand and Finger Exercize System
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Develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. With this system, the stronger digits can no longer compensate for the weaker ones and each finger is appropriately challenged on its own spring-loaded button. Calibrated springs provide a quantitative tool for evaluating progress. Styrene rack display set consists of 5 pocket-sized, color-coded units with graduated resistances. Color coding helps with quick identification and provides positive reinforcement with advancement from color to color. Includes pamphlet illustrating different methods of use. Grip poundage listed pertains to the number of lbs. per finger. Example: The 3.0 lb. digi-flex provides 3 lbs. resistance for each finger.

Size is determined by resistance desired.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 01 May, 2009.

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